Investments in Budapest by the Top 10 Accelerators as well as Incubators

Listed below are the top 10 accelerators as well as incubators in Budapest, Hungary, in no particular order.

Incubators and accelerators are critical to the success of new businesses.

New entrepreneurs who want to turn a great business ideas into successful and long-lasting company may lack the necessary expertise or connections to do so on their own.

Support, space, mentorship, and connections are just a few of the many things that the staff of just an accelerator but rather incubator can offer.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 Budapest-based accelerators and incubators to assist you.

The Best Incubators and Accelerators in Budapest, Hungary

1) OXO Labs Ltd

A startup accelerator based in Central and Eastern Europe, OXO Labs helps entrepreneurs reach global markets.

Start-up information:

The Hungarian Republic

In 2014, the project began.

founders: Bence Makai, Peter Oszko, Dávid Pongrác, and Zoltan Kata

Business development, finance, and venture capital are some examples of related fields.

There were 21 investments total.

They have a website that you can visit here.

2) The MKB Fintechlab

It is the first bank-backed innovative banking lab in Hungary, providing investment,  office space,  incubation, as well as banking APIs. MKB Bank.

Start-up information:

The Hungarian Republic

In the year 2016

Finance, Financial Technology (FinTech), and Financial Services (FinServices)

13 Accelerator investments were made. a period of twelve weeks Baconsult

3) Baconsult

Start-up information:

The Hungarian Republic

In 2014, the project began.

Maria Balogh-Mázi and Peter Balogh are the two founders.

Human Resources (HR), Information and Communication (ICT), Medical and Organic Food (Organic) industries

26 dollars were invested.

4) Antenna Hungária Innovációs Kft.

Incubator, Seed Investment

Start-up information:

The Hungarian Republic

Commenced in 2017

Information technology (IT), telecommunications (TT), mobile applications (MA), software (SOFTWARE), drone technology (DRONES), and eSports

Only one investment has been made

There is only one exit.

5) MyCo Incubation

Startups in the pre-seed and seed stages are the focus of MyCo, an incubator.

Start-up information:

The Hungarian Republic

Started in 2013

An incubator is a type of business

6) Intellitext

A Budapest-based incubator

Start-up information:

The Hungarian Republic

There were 17 investments total.

7. OXO Cybersecurity Labs 

The first way as to prevent incubator in Central and Eastern Europe

Start-up information:

The Hungarian Republic

Dated back to: 2019

Csaba Krasznay and Peter Oszko founded the company.

The following are some examples of related industries: banking, health care, technology, and software

8) H13 Student and Enterprise Development Center

In addition to the JózsefvárosiKözösségiHázak, the Center is a distinct organisational unit.

Start-up information:

The following industries are located in Hungary

9) BlockIS – Hungary

One of the main goals of the BlockIS accelerator programme is to create a global enabling environment that is not only open and collaborative.

Start-up information:

Industry: Blockchain, Collaboration, Finance, Logistics, Hungarian-speaking

10) DT Mentoring Program 2020 Spring

Mentoring programmes like the DT Mentoring 2020 Spring are designed to provide specific assistance to businesses.

Start-up information:

Business Development, Consulting and Financial Services Accelerator are some of Hungary’s industries 12 weeks are the estimated timeframe.