Accelerators & incubators in Galicia’s fastest-growing areas

Numerous accelerators and incubators can be found across the Galician region, but we’ve selected three of the best to highlight here.

As a new entrepreneur in Galicia, joining an accelerator and incubator is an excellent option.

Providing office space, advice, and connections to investors, potential partners, & customers is one of the primary goals of these organisations.

Galicia is home to some of the 3 best accelerators and incubators in the country.

Three of Galicia’s Finest Accelerators and Incubators

1) Abanca Innova

Fintech accelerator Abanca Innova is based in Galicia.

Start-up information:

In this case, Spain.

In the year 2017

Financial technology

Only one investment has been made

2) Viavigo

An entrepreneurial development programme is offered by ViaVigo to entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses.

Start-up information:

In this case, Spain.

Founded in 2013

3) Fishing Accelerator

This is a programme aimed at finding new approaches to the challenges facing the fishing industry.

Start-up information:

In this case, Spain.

 Carmen González Garca, Nicolas Troncoso, Genma Laso

the aquaculture and biotechnology industries