The 3 Best Melbourne Accelerators and Incubators for Investment

Here is a comprehensive list of Melbourne’s top 3 accelerators and incubators.

One cannot deny the uniqueness of Melbourne’s start-up scene.

Over the years, it has been home to dozens of startups that have been nurtured or accelerated there.

This comprehensive list of 3 Melbourne-based accelerators and incubators is perfect if you’re thinking about starting your own business or simply want to learn more about the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

There are 3 such facilities in Melbourne.

1) LaunchVic

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to start & grow their businesses through LaunchVic’s support of a well-known, thriving innovation culture.

An overview of the new company:

Country: Australia

In 2015, the project began

Co-creators: Jo Burston.

Finance, financial services, and financial technology

There have been nine investments.

There is only one exit.

2) Startmate

If you’re looking to start a business in either Australia or New Zealand, look no further than Startmate.

An overview of the new company:

The country of origin is Australia.

In the year 2010

Niki Scevak is the founder.

A wide range of businesses can be found in these sectors:

There were 72 investments total.

There are five exits.

Accelerator It will take about 12 weeks to complete.

Their official website can be found right here.

3) CyRise

CyRise is an Asia-Pacific investor, sponsor, & champion of cybersecurity startups.

An overview of the new company:

Country: Australia

In the year 2017

In the fields of cyber security, cloud security (including the detection of fraud), identity management (including the prevention of identity theft), intrusion detection (including network intrusion detection), and privacy,

There were 23 investments total.