Three of Quebec’s Longest-Running Accelerators and Incubators

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best accelerators & incubators in Quebec province.

If you want to start a business in Quebec, joining an accelerator and incubator is always a good idea.

For startups, these organisations provide office space, advice, & access to potential investors and customers.

These are the top three accelerators and incubators in Quebec, which we’ve compiled for you in this article.

3 of Quebec’s best accelerators & incubators

1) TandemLaunch

Investor and incubator for consumer technology innovation.

An overview of the new company:

Country: Canada

Commenced in: 2010

Helge Seetzen was one of the original founders.

Audio, Arificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Incubators are all examples of industries.

A total of 44 dollars was invested.

There are three exits.

Accelerator a period of 52 weeks

2) FounderFuel

The mentor-driven venture accelerator which helps budding entrepreneurs on their path to success is FounderFuel.

An overview of the new company:

Country: The Canadian

Commenced in: 2010

Allan MacIntosh (founder), Ian Jeffrey (founder), Jean-Sebastian Cournoyer (founder), John Stokes (founder).

SaaS (software as a service), Finance, Internet, and Venture Capital

95 dollars have been invested.

$50,000.00 in grant money

There are 13 exits.

9 percentage points of the company’s equity

Accelerator 16 weeks is the length of time.

3) Techstars Montreal AI Accelerator

It is the 3rd Techstars accelerator through Canada backed by Real Ventures

An overview of the new company:

Country: The Canadian

Financial Services, Business Development, and Artificial Intelligence

Investments totaled 40.

Exit count: one

Accelerator How long it will take to complete: 13 weeks