Three of Tallinn’s Finest Accelerators and Incubators

Tallinn is home to hundreds of accelerators & startup incubators, and we’ve put together a list of the three best.

Tallinn’s startup scene is, without a doubt, one-of-a-kind.

Over the years, it has been home to dozens of startups that have been nurtured or accelerated there.

The following is a comprehensive list of three accelerators and incubators in Tallinn, Estonia, if you’re looking to start a small business or just want to learn more about accelerators & incubators in the city.

Tallinn has three accelerators and incubators.

1) Startup Wise Guys

Among Europe’s leading B2B startup accelerators, Startup Wise Guys stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Start-up information:

Country: Estonia

It was founded in 2012

Members of the founding team include Herty Tammo, Andrea Orlando, Jon Bradford, and Mike Reiner.

B2B, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Software, Sass Software, Fintech, and Sustainability are all related fields.

230 dollars were invested.

Only four exits can be found

Accelerator the amount of time, in weeks, that has passed: 22

2) CEED Tech

There are five accelerators working together under the CEED Tech umbrella.

Start-up information:

Country: Estonia

In the year 2011

Founders: Calum Cameron, Adam Jermann, Grete Gutmann, Eva Havasova, Rokas Tamozinas,Nikola Rafaj , and others

Cloud Data Services, FinTech, Financial Services and Venture Capital are all examples of these industries.

The number of investments is two.

3) Superangel

Early-stage funding and company formation are topics that entrepreneurs discuss amongst themselves as well as with others in the business community.

Start-up information:

Country: Estonia

New Year’s Day, 2018.

Rain Rannu, Marek Kiisa,  and Veljo Otsason founded the company.

Venture capital is a business

There were 39 investments made.