TopicIdeas Live
When:14. June - 16. June 2013
Where:University of Cyprus, New Campus, Social Activities Buildings
Language:Greek and English. Presentations must be in English
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About the event

Turn your ideas into market stories in 3 days

For the first time in Cyprus talented people with ideas will have the opportunity to pitch-cooperate-plan-get feedback from mentors and startup in 3 days.

How it's done


Register now! - Start thinking - Pitch your ideas - Build a team - Get feedback from mentors and coaches - Work-Work-Work-Work hard - Make it fun too - Networking never stops - Get useful contacts, find future partners - Get to know coaches, business angels, start-up entrepreneurs and all other participants in 3 informal, busy, fun days - Present your ideas and Impress judges/angels/investors - Win valuable prizes - Don't stop there, Startup! - And of course party included!


FIRST WINNER STARTUP LiVE Cyprus: €18.000+ Value Prizes. SECOND WINNER STARTUP LiVE Cyprus: € 10.000+ Value Prizes. THIRD WINNER STARTUP LiVE Cyprus: € 5.000+ Value Prizes. Find out more here:


Event Contact

Lydia Lydsjannet Zannettou