Startup Live Vienna #6 roundup

Key facts

  • Date: 30. March – 1. April 2012
  • Place: sektor5, Vienna/Austria
  • Participants: 90
  • Mentors: 14
  • Judges: 5
  • Idea pitches: 12


After successfully organizing 5 Startup Lives in Vienna, the organization committee went out to change the way how Startup Lives operate. They added a whole day to the already working foundation of the 3-day event concept. Already one week before the actual event took place the pitchers gathered at sektor5 to compete against each other for the spots for the main event at the so-called Pre-Pitch Day. Additionally they received individual feedback on their pitching technique and got a first glimpse at lean methods.


Goldenfish Lighting, Nativy, Eventiply, Lingibli, AssetGlobe, Headingforparty, DefectRadar, Hitea, zaehlwert solutions KG, zoomsquare, driveunity and welshare assembled at Startup Live Vienna #6 powered by IBM and tried to win the other participants over to join their idea. After the teamfinding process the teams had to face the first challenge: With various materials provided, they had to become rocket scientists and build a spaceship – a metaphor for their skyrocketing idea – within 20 minutes. The teams let their creativity run wild and managed to get to know each other during the process. To add additional value to the event, the pitchers had time to pitch their ideas in front of selected investors. The Investors meetup – sponsored by HVK – was another new twist which premiered at Startup Live Vienna #6. The event had the focal point on Lean Startup development. Therefore, the organizers provided expertise by Lukas Fittl and Ash Maurya – atop of invaluable information they showed the participants how to use the lean canvas – a powerful tool to plan a business idea. With few hours left the teams relished the opportunity to work with seven mentors who helped the teams during the whole weekend.


With just a few hours of sleep the participants began the second day of Startup Live Vienna #6. The day got kick-started by Salim Virani, as he gave new insights in lean methods. Accordingly to those principles, the teams went out to ask their future customers if their assumptions fit the needs and desires of their target group. It turned out to be a major learning for the participants to get in touch with future customers – like children, families, tourists or companies. With the new input the teams received during customer interviews, 14 mentors like Jess Erickson, Benjamin Kampmann, Thomas Schranz, Allan Berger and Nikolaus Graf took the stage to roast the startups. So with all this new and viable information the teams took the chance to learn how the IBM Global Entrepreneur initiative supports startups and creates a smarter planet. Inspired by the IBM workshop the young entrepreneurs continued to work hard. The day ended with a few drinks and good network opportunities.


The big day had arrived. With just eight hours left to work on their presentations the teams were excited to start the day off. Leo Widrich gave useful hints on seven tips for getting started marketing your startup. His call-in was very well received by the participants. Finally the excitement level kept on rising and rising as time became a scarce good. The voice level got louder and louder as more and more guests arrived for the final presentations. With the entrance of the judges the stage was set for the showdown of the startups. In front of 150 spectators from all over the European Startup community, the startups battled it out – each one presented their idea and showcased their process during the weekend. The wonderful sektor5 was brimming with tension as the judges retrieved to decide the winners. The excitement level reached new heights as the winners were announced. The “Community award” – heavily publicised on various social networks by the startups – won by headingforparty – a social media platform where you can meet likeminded folks to party together. The “Rising Star award”- the startup with the most upside potential, received eventiply - an interface to promote upcoming events. The award for the “Best startup” was highly anticipated and impressively celebrated by the winners – Lingibli – a language learning application for smartphones to learn a language in a new and innovative way. After the winning team hit the stage it was time to thank our partners – IBM, Sektor5, Tecnet, HVK, Mingo, Speedinvest, Betahaus, A1 and Lauda Air. Right after the official part was over the networking part started. People from various backgrounds connected over a drink. The final moments of Startup Live Vienna #6 happened at the after party. But luckily – for some of us – our coverage concludes with the official end of our event… ;)

In a nutshell

As promised Startup Live Vienna #6 offered the boost the startups were looking for. It provided invaluable opportunities to network and connect with like-minded folks. Top mentoring and the informative workshops provided useful hints. And last but not least, in an unique atmosphere people worked hard and had fun. Startup Live Vienna #6 powered by IBM was awesome.